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Laboratory managers deal with lots of challenges- internal processes, competition, financial management, and staff development. When you have a medical lab, diagnostics laboratory, pathological lab, testing laboratory, or calibration lab, you need to ensure your credibility to attract clients and demonstrate competence through reliable services. Moreover, there must be accuracy and consistency in your lab testing results. To get an ISO certification for testing laboratories in Philippines, you can rely on our consultants. We help you to make your lab accredited and gain the confidence of your clients. For the lab accreditation, you need to go through some steps, and we will guide you to reach your target of obtaining the certificate.

 ISO 15189- How to get this certification-

Accredited laboratories always demonstrate reliability and standards of services. Thus, in the scientific, clinical, and medical community, ISO 15189 certification has gained importance. Now, to get ISO 15189 accreditation for medical diagnostics laboratories in Philippines, you have to know some criteria-

  • Providing instructions on the testing and sample
  • Communicating with your laboratory staff for high-quality service to all clinicians
  • Collecting samples in the right way
  • Maintaining ethicalities

You can hire us for the ISO certification for calibration laboratories in Philippines.

When you have applied for ISO 15189 accreditation for pathology laboratory in Philippines, your lab has to go through an assessment process. This process includes-

  • An analysis of the competence and qualifications your personnel
  • An evaluation of your supplies, reagents, and equipment
  • A thorough test of post-analytical, analytical, and pre-analytical factors

To retain the value of ISO 15189 accreditation for medical diagnostics laboratories in Philippines, you have to undergo re-assessment.

 Chosen the accreditation standard, ISO 17025-

 ISO 17025 accreditation for testing laboratories in Philippines is another international standard. Thus, to get the international standard certification, ISO 17025, you have to ensure self-correction and continuous improvement of your service. You can hire our consultants to let your lab comply with ISO certification-

  • The certification proves the lab test result’s reliability
  • It confirms technical competency to deal with legitimacy issues
  • It increases the efficiency level of the lab increases and reduces the number of customer complaints

The ISO certification ensures

  • Optimum standards of calibrations
  • A proper record of your test equipment
  • High accuracy and validity of your test results

You can speak to our consultants to get an ISO certification for calibration laboratories in Philippines.

ISO 9001 certification for calibration laboratory in Philippines is important for controlling operating costs. To get this certificate, you must calibrate your measuring tools intended for quality control and verification. Moreover, you have to maintain your calibration records and take preventive steps. Our consultants will instruct you on ISO 9001 certification and implementation for your lab.

Thus, hire our team to know about the ISO certification for testing laboratories in Philippines.

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