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Six Sigma has become an increasingly important component of modern business. Contemporary organizations are not naive to the importance of Six Sigma certification that helps them achieve the highest level of productivity and infuse unprecedented efficacy into their work environment. The six sigma method was developed in the late 1980’s at Motorola by D. A. (Dick) White, who realized that traditional methods of quality improvement were not effective enough since most organizations could not afford to throw away 95% of their production. It is now one of the most widely used tools for improving business viability through rigorous process improvement and automation. This is because it promotes efficiency and productivity within organizations. The Six Sigma certification process guarantees that organizations will achieve their goals in the shortest time possible. In order to be certified, a business must go through a rigorous testing process. A certified business can benefit from improved customer satisfaction and reduced error rates.

SixSigma is a process improvement methodology and is based on a simple principle: reduce variation in your processes by finding the source of variation in your process. Six Sigma uses tools and techniques like DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, Control), cause and effect diagrams (Fishbone Diagrams), and Pareto Charts to help identify solutions to problems.

Sig Sigma holds many different levels of certifications in order to help an individual learn the process of Six Sigma.. These levels range from simple white belt training for basic understanding, all the way up to master black belt. When someone first begins their career as a Six Sigma practitioner, they usually start at the white belt level. They have to have a basic understanding of what Six Sigma is and the tools that are often needed in the process. They also learn about the DMAIC process and its role. At yellow belt, they move into a subject matter expert, or SME. They learn more about all of the different organizations and processes within those organizations that may be effected by Six Sigma practices. The green belt is typically four weeks long and brings them up to black belt, who has completed a rigorous course on Six Sigma principles and techniques. Those who are Master Black Belts are considered industry experts in the field. The Master Black Belt course is designed for the professional who has successfully completed all previous levels. They have a wide variety of experience and training with their current position. The Master Black Belt focuses on managing projects, teams, and organizations outside of the company using Six Sigma and statistical methods.

Lean Six Sigma focuses on eliminating total waste. Lean Six Sigma combines the concepts of TQM, which focuses on customer value, with Six Sigma, which focuses on defect elimination. Lean Six Sigma ensures not only defect reduction but the elimination of total waste. Lean Six Sigma is a process improvement methodology that encompasses six main principles:

  • value mapping,
  • customer focus,
  • pull processes,
  • standard work and
  • measurement systems,
  • continuous improvement, and
  • team building.

To get the most out of Six Sigma, you need to understand what SixSigma is. The Six Sigma method is a set of tools and techniques that help in reducing defects and increasing accuracy. The concepts are widely applicable across industries ranging from service delivery to manufacturing. Contact us now at or a phone call at +63 9778151204 to get Six Sigma certification.

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