SA 8000 certification in Philippines

SA 8000 is international certification on social responsibility. It was created in 1998 to help companies that want to do business transparently and also protect individuals working in those companies. The SA 8000 certification works with the idea that “change is the objective, not compliance.” Through this process, companies are able to reduce costs while increasing revenue.

This goal is achieved through different steps, including: establishing social responsibility principles, defining specific procedures for the organization, and monitoring progress. The highest level of certification is obtained when SA 8000 meets the six criteria of the organization’s social responsibility principles.  Its main objective is to guarantee workers’ rights in such a way that everyone involved wins: companies, workers, trade unions, government.

Requirements of SA 8000:

The safety of workers is a major concern in the workplace. To ensure that workers are not forced into unsafe working conditions, factories are required to follow strict guidelines. This includes the end of child labour and forced labour, as well as health and safety regulations. Freedom to organize, collective bargaining agreements, and discrimination policies also have to be in place with these guidelines.

Benefits of SA 8000

It provides an enhanced opportunity for trade unions and employers to bargain collectively about health and safety. This is an important tool that can be used to educate workers about their workplace rights and what they can do if they are experiencing problems at work. This standard also offers some of the most comprehensive guidelines on occupational health and safety in the world, which allows businesses to improve their practices in these areas.

This SA 8000 standard also provides guidelines for ethical business conduct on how to create sustainable products and help them improve their company’s reputation by putting company values into action. This results in employees being more motivated, companies being better at recruiting and retaining employees and having better supply chain management.

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