Primehomes is now ISO 9001 certified

Establishing their expertise in the real estate industry, Primehomes successfully completed their ISO 9001 Certification. Primehomes is a full-service real estate development company dedicated to creating exceptional houses that are in harmony with nature and today’s fast-paced lifestyle. The company employs cutting-edge design, concepts, and methodologies to develop communities that nurture nature, cultivate vision, and inspire innovation.

The Client

Primehomes distinguishes itself from the competition by employing a pool of passionate and talented individuals that have a real desire to improve people’s lives and a strong desire to create with sustainability in mind. With a pool of enthusiastic and talented employees, Primehomes has continually lived up to its tradition of quality, positioning the company as a powerful participant in the local real estate development sector. Primehomes wants to redefine the way we construct by transforming city blocks and urban landscapes into eco-friendly yet multipurpose communities where individuals can imagine possibilities and explore chances. We take satisfaction in developing intentional communities that serve as catalysts for subsequent urban development, leaving a legacy of man-nature collaboration.

The Certification

The International Organization for Standardization produced and published ISO 9001:2015, the world’s most widely recognized quality management standard (ISO). It assists businesses in building a quality management system that is aligned with their overall business strategy. It emphasizes evidence-based decision-making and responsibility throughout all organizational activities in order to increase communications, operational efficiency, customer focus, and employee engagement. This helps businesses to operate more effectively on multiple levels in order to achieve high levels of customer satisfaction while also driving continual development.

Sterling International Consulting works very closely with your team, as one of the largest QMS consultants in the Philippines, to develop a robust, results-based, and valuation-based ISO 9001:2015 QMS for the workforce inside your firm. With their lean approach to a quality management system, they assist you to enhance your processes, performance, production, and profitability. Their post-gap assessment of the ISO 9001 QMS documentation approach is easy to deploy. You can also access the popular MyEasyISO QMS software for automating ISO 9001 QMS.

The Process

The international standards for quality management systems are ISO 9001 certification in the Philippines. The system ensures strong quality processes, reduces QMS risks, improves profitability, improves client satisfaction, standardizes quality operations, minimizes quality deviations, and helps the organization to continually improve its QMS business. ISO 9001 focuses on the needs and expectations of customers and aims to provide high-quality services. The ISO 9001 standard assists the firm in maintaining its QMS by optimizing processes and assisting in meeting the needs of stakeholders. It guarantees that decisions are made based on solid facts while also conserving resources within the company.

This is a great foundation for the standardization and quality management of business processes, improvement of product quality/service quality, improvement of operative efficiency, productivity increase, improvement of customer satisfaction, and improved risk management inside the company. The standard ISO 9001 is broken into a total of 10 clauses that actually apply/comply with Clause 4. The standard ISO 9001:2015 is the basis for an organization that is robust, customer-focused, dynamic, and productive.

Sterling International Consulting, one of the Philippines’ major ISO Certification consulting firms, announced the completion of Primehomes Real Estate Development Organization’s ISO 9001 implementation and certification project.

Sterling International Consulting began the project with a detailed project plan and a rigorous gap assessment to evaluate the organization’s existing procedures. A user-friendly documentation system that was simple to use and easy to update was designed. The training was offered to the organization’s core personnel so that the newly built system could be implemented.

About Sterling International Consulting

Sterling International Consulting is a two-decade-old business consulting firm. Started with competence in finance and banking, the firm now has offices in four countries, customers in more than fifty countries, and a global clientele of over 7,500 people. With offices in the Philippines, the United States, the United Kingdom, India, and the United Arab Emirates, Sterling International Consulting is now one of the few worldwide ISO management system consulting firms capable of providing services for any ISO standard anywhere in the world. In the Philippines, we operate as MS Sterling Management Consultancy Services and serve small, medium, and big businesses, as well as private and government institutions.

Sterling Consulting’s team believes that consulting is a team sport, an activity that is successful when everyone contributes to the utmost extent possible. As a result, they don’t simply work for you; they collaborate with you to discover new ideas that improve your processes, boost your performance, and help you compete more effectively in this fast-paced world. Their ISO consulting strategy is client and staff-centred. They are well-known for treating their clients’ personnel and consumers equally, as both are important to the successful completion of any project.