ISO Management System Pre-assessment Audit – Pre-certification Audit Services in Philippine

Pre-assessment Audit / Pre-certification Audit

Ensure 100% successful ISO certification audit with our Pre-assessment audits

You have worked hard to document and implement your ISO management system. You have completed internal audits and already contacted a certification body to plan your certification audit. But like most of the organizations globally, you will always have butterflies in your stomach about the outcome of the certification audit regarding will you pass the certification audit successfully or not.

For the below questions you may have in your mind, contact us to conduct a thorough and detailed pre-assessment or pre-certification audit to give you a peace of mind and ensuring 100% readiness for the final ISO Certification audit.

  • Did I cover all the requirements of the ISO standards?
  • Is my documentation complete in all aspects?
  • Was my approach while documenting various requirements correct? What if I made some mistakes in documentation?
  • Did my team implement the system correctly?
  • Was my internal audit effective and highlight all the possible areas of concern?
  • How will the certification body will audit my company? What kind of questions they will ask?
  • How I can ensure my final certification audit is smooth, without any issues and 100% successful?

Answers to all the above questions is in our comprehensive pre-assessment or pre-certification audit services. Our experts who conduct pre-assessment / pre-certification audit for your company in the Philippines are all lead auditors and carry an impressive consulting/training/auditing track record. Many of them are also empaneled with various leading certification bodies as well globally to conduct audits.

Our pre-assessment audit can be completed from 2 to 4 man-days depending on the size of your organization, complexity of processes and maturity of your ISO management system. Our ISO pre-assessment audit services in the Philippines are as comprehensive and detailed as the final audit conducted by the certification audit. Sometimes even more comprehensive and detailed as well to ensure we leave no chance of uncertainty during your final certification audit.

Get started with our pre-assessment audit services today and ensure you have a smooth and 100% successful ISO certification audit. Call our 24 hours customer care at +63 9778151204 or send us an email at to contact one of our pre-assessment audit advisors and book your pre-certification audit today.

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