ISO Management System Internal Auditing Services in Philippines

ISO Management System Internal Auditing Services in Philippines

Ensure Continual Improvement

Internal Auditing for your management systems like ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, ISO 22000, ISO 27001, ISO 17025 etc. ensures there is a constant evaluation of the effectiveness of implementation and maintenance of your ISO management system. Internal audits act as a powerful tool to help organization identify improvement opportunities and take the organizations to newer heights of effectiveness, business excellence and profitability.

Sterling International Consulting, provides various services for the internal audits of your ISO management system as mentioned below:

  • Training your team on internal auditing for various ISO standards in line with ISO 19011 standard.
  • Conducting internal audit before certification audit and provide assistance in closing the audit findings
  • Provide support to your qualified internal auditors team to plan, conduct and report their initial few internal audits to ensure the internal audits are conducted in the most effective manner.
  • Conducting internal audit on your behalf at a regular interval
  • Outsourcing of the entire internal audit function wherein we take complete responsibility of planning, scheduling, conducting, reporting and closing the internal audits.

One internal audit can be conducted in 1 man-day for a smaller organization wherein it may take 2-3 man-days for a med size to large organization. We can provide you an all-inclusivequotation for outsourcing your internal audit function to us or we can charge you on a man-day basis for our efforts in working with you for internal audits.

Process of internal audit

We follow the below process to ensure internal audits are effective, adds value to the organization and provides a direction for enhancement in the overall effectiveness of the organization:

  • Yearly / half yearly master audit plan
  • Audit specific audit schedule
  • Preparation of audit checklist
  • Training of your core team / process owners as internal auditors
  • Conduct of internal audit as per audit schedule
  • Compilation of audit findings
  • Audit reporting and preparation of Non-conformity reports if applicable
  • Communicating internal audit reports and NC reports to various stakeholders.
  • Presentation to the top management/senior management team on effectiveness of the management system and improvement opportunities
  • Working with various employees across the organization in helping them closing the internal audit findings and NCs issued to them.

We ensure internal audit related services provided by our organization adds real value to your operations rather than just a documentation exercise as done by most of the service providers. This is because we only have one objective in our mind……Helping you get the best out of your ISO management system.

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