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Are you struggling for stronger brand visibility? Do you think of increasing your market size? Have you thought of achieving a global standard? For each of these cases, you will get the best solution from the ISO certification in Surigao. Most of the businesses in Philippines have enjoyed benefits from this ISO certificate. Now, rely on our ISO Consultant in Surigao, and go through every step for the accreditation.

We not only help you to get the certificate but also provide you with training for ISO certification in Surigao. Our training encourages your employees on how to implement ISO standards. We also have Lead Auditor training courses that enable the trainees to become skillful evaluators. Thus, these evaluators would be able to review the frameworks related to Quality Management, Occupational Health and Safety Management System and Environmental Management System.

 ISO Consultant in Surigao offers various certification services, including-

 ISO 9001 certification

 ISO 9001 certification in Cagayan De Oro ensures Quality Management System in your organization. You have to maintain an organized work process for your business. Whether it is your global partnership or a new company, this certification is essential to you. We will make you familiar to various principles on quality management-

  • Top management motivation
  • Continual improvement
  • Stronger customer focus

We assist you in gaining success in achieving ISO 9001 certification in Cagayan De Oro.

 ISO 45001 certification

When you think of having Occupational Health and Safety Management, ISO 45001 is the best standard for you. With ISO 45001 certification in Cagayan De, you can provide your controllers, laborers and clients that you are proactive in securing their health. Moreover, with the modernization and mechanical improvements, you can reduce the health risk to the laborers. ISO 45001 certified organizations could minimize the risk of mishaps. ISO 45001 certification in Cagayan De ensures the fulfilment of OHSM standards, and it denotes that you always maintain the wellbeing and health of workers.

 ISO 14001 certification

It has become essential to every organization to implement an environmental management system. The modern industrialization has caused a risk to the environment. That is why it is important for your organization to ensure that your business activities are not causing environmental pollution. To get ISO 14001 certification in Cagayan De, you have to review your present policies and environmental issues, related to your organization. Our consultants will also help you to know the regulatory rules for achieving this certificate. Thus, save the environment by availing the ISO 14001 certification in Cagayan De.

Our consultants always remain updated on the ISO standards. We provide you with guidance on how to get ISO certificate in Surigao. Thus, invest in our services for ISO certification.

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It is with great pleasure to confirm the successful completion of the ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and ISO 45001
Certification of 5GS Security Inc. with extraordinary consulting support from Sterling International Consulting. We are truly satisfied with the quality of service of Sterling International Consulting and we highly recommend them to others looking for ISO QHSE implementation, training and consulting services.
who are looking for a reliable and effective partner for their ISO Certification needs.

Concepcion Roxas
Chief People and Culture OfficerChief People and Culture Officer, 5 G Security Services (5GS)

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