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Every business makes various efforts to win the competition in the relevant market. You may have promoted your services and products to be a strong competitor. However, one of the best ways to make your business distinguished is to have ISO certification. Our ISO consulting in Manila will be most helpful to you to have the desired certification.

A reliable business always has to ensure the best quality, higher efficiency and higher safety in providing various services and products. Thus, you can have the ISO certification in Manila to reveal the credibility of your business to your clients and employees.

There are different types of ISO certifications. While you have approached us for the first time for a consultation, we make you familiar to the following standards- ISO 9001 (for Quality Management), ISO 27001 (for Information Security Management), ISO 14001 (for Environmental Management), and ISO 22008 (for Food Safety Management).

Once you have chosen the certification for your business, you can send an application. Then, we will make a contract with you for starting the ISO certification process.

Reviewing the quality documents of your business

We have a team of qualified ISO auditors, and they will assess the quality documents and manuals, relevant to different procedures and policies of an organization. The thorough review process of our auditors is helpful to make out the potential gaps, preventing you from meeting the ISO requirements in Manila.

Creating the action plan

As our ISO auditor has informed you about the gaps, you have to be prepared for the elimination of those gaps. You may rely on us to make a list of various tasks that you need to perform for the ultimate transformation to your business. Our company can train you for the ISO implementation in Manila. Our comprehensive training will help your employees to adapt to new and innovative procedures. In addition, your employees will also know about the ISO standards.

Audit for ISO certification 

We go through two steps for the initial audit process. At first, our auditor audits the modifications done by you for your business. Then, he detects non-conformities, present in the procedure and systems. At the second step, he will check out whether everything is right and move towards the final certification.

Our team will give you a clear view of the cost for ISO certification in Manila. We calculate it by focusing on various parameters- number of processes, number of employees, working shifts and risk level of your services. Thus, we provide you with a custom solution for your business. Hire our consultants and have quality certification services from us.

How can we help you?

Contact us at the ISO Consulting & ISO Certification nearest to you in the Philippines to submit an enquiry and get ISO Certified.

It is with great pleasure to confirm the successful completion of the ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and ISO 45001
Certification of 5GS Security Inc. with extraordinary consulting support from Sterling International Consulting. We are truly satisfied with the quality of service of Sterling International Consulting and we highly recommend them to others looking for ISO QHSE implementation, training and consulting services.
who are looking for a reliable and effective partner for their ISO Certification needs.

Concepcion Roxas
Chief People and Culture OfficerChief People and Culture Officer, 5 G Security Services (5GS)

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