ISO certification for shipbuilding in the Philippines

ISO certification for shipbuilding- We take the best step for this accreditation

The shipbuilding and marine industry need to deal with different metal parts. Simultaneously, it is essential to maintain the quality of the shipbuilding process and the ultimate products. Thus, to make your shipbuilding business more trustworthy, you may rely on our ISO certification and consultation services. ISO certification for shipbuilding in the Philippines is essential to choose the quality marine technology for your business.

 Manage the quality of shipbuilding systems

Ships can create a link between two countries and business partners. Moreover, they are useful for carrying valuable products and commodities for different purposes. Thus, for error-free transport, it is essential to make the ship structure reliable. To make sure that your business is taking the right step for ship and vessel designs, you may make an appeal for ISO 9001 certification for shipbuilding companies in the Philippines. This certification is intended for the quality management system of your manufacturing business.

You may be a representative, superintendent, or manager in the shipbuilding sector. For this reason, you have to know the way of integrating the QMS into the present safety management system. To get this ISO certificate and to know more about this QMS, you may hire our consultants. You can avoid the intricacies of the certification process.

Few problems arise at the time of implementing the management system for your shipbuilding business. However, the communication of your employees and the trainers of your facility interaction will solve the issue.

 Environmental protection with certification 

While you are manufacturing different parts of the ship and vessels, there is a chance of affecting the environment. To establish the environmental management system, you can apply for ISO 14001 for shipbuilding organizations in Manila. Your mechanical engineers have to use the resources rightly to ensure positive environmental performance. Moreover, the certification ensures reduced waste and increased trust of your stakeholders.

In most of the manufacturing sectors, you can find the risk of workers. Thus, for your shipbuilding business also, you have to focus on the workers’ health and the potential risks. For the occupational health and safety of your shipbuilders, you may prefer the certification with ISO 45001 for shipbuilding business in Cebu. Our agency also provides training on OH&S performance. Your team will know the way of managing the OH&S risks in the right direction. Moreover, we train them in the process of starting the audit process, compiling the audit reports, and dealing with the audit activities. For the hazard analysis, another accreditation essential to your business is HACCP certification for shipbuilding organization in Philippines.

Thus, hire our ISO consultant for shipbuilding companies in the Philippines. We will make the best effort to accomplish the certification process that enhances your process maturity and operational excellence.

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