ISO certification for mining companies in the Philippines

Get the professional solution of ISO certification for mining companies in the Philippines

The organizations in the mining sector always face a challenging and complicated environment. Still, you need to keep up the best cost-benefit relationship for your mining business. An ISO certified mining business always maintains the right cost-benefit level without affecting the environment. Thus, make your mining company certified with the guidance of our ISO consultants. Rely on our professional and technical guidance to get ISO certification for mining companies in the Philippines. Your mining operations would become more reliable and profitable, once you have received your ISO certificate. From ISO certification cost estimation to implementationwe will be with you in every way.

 ISO 9001 for Quality Management of your mining organization

For every mining operation, you need to establish a Quality Management System. Our team of ISO consultants will help you to deal with QMS documents that are essential to achieve quality policies. Our consultants have the best knowledge on the principles of quality management=

  • High focus on customer
  • Organizational setting
  • Process approach
  • Risk-based thinking
  • Fact-based decision
  • Continual improvement

We provide comprehensive services for ISO 9001 for mining companies in the Philippines. Our ISO 9001 audits, training courses and Gap Assessment make you ready for achieving the certification.

 ISO 14001- Continue your mining activities without affecting the environment

Airborne emissions, mine effluents, rock debris, tailings and other wastes can contaminate the environment. That is why you have to take steps for managing these wastes in the right way. To ensure the proper environment performance of your business activities, you need to have an ISO 14001 certification. We offer the best service for ISO 14001 for mining organizations in Manila. As one of the mining companies, you have to focus on the mining performance indicators, including

  • Waste streams
  • Wastes
  • Noise level
  • Water and air quality
  • Environmental incidents reported in a year

Our EMS – Environment Management System certification for mining organization in Philippines also helps you to reach the environmental targets and policies.

 ISO 45001- Health safety of the miners

The miners of your company may have a health risk due to smoke, inhaled irritants and other pollutants. Thus, while managing the environmental factors, you need to focus on their health and safety. Workplace accidents and life-threatening diseases are very common to most of the mining companies. Thus, save your workers’ life with ISO 45001 for mining business in Cebu. Our consultants will help you to promote OHSMS culture in your business.

Moreover, we also guide you to have ISO 50001 Energy Management System and ISO 55001 for Asset Management System for mining business in the Philippines.

Now, hire our ISO consultant for mining companies in the Philippines. We have technical trainers, auditors and consultants to enable you in going through the certification process. Protect the environment and the health of your workers.

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It is with great pleasure to confirm the successful completion of the ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and ISO 45001
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