My Company–> My Pride – My Company–>Philippine’s Pride scheme for ISO certification for Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises in the Philippines

You are proud of your company, Let’s make it a pride of the Philippines

MSMEs – Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises are a backbone of Philippines. It provides employment to millions of citizens of the country and also promotes entrepreneurship spirit for which Philippines is known in the whole world.

However, with the growing globalization and open market policy of the government, many MSMEs are facing the heat of global competition, higher customer expectations in terms of quality and price competitiveness. In order to survive, grow and thrive in such dynamic business environment, small and medium organizations need to embrace the change and benchmark global standards of quality, productivity and customer satisfaction.

The key to enable MSEMs – Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises increase their competitiveness, productivity and quality to establish a mark in the domestic and global market is implementation of various international standards in the area of quality, environment, occupational health & safety, food safety and information security management. With abundance of skilled human resources, English language proficiency, customer friendly attitude and unique geographical location, Philippines is poised to become one of the leading countries of the world economically and a growth engine of Asia provided small and medium size companies in the Philippines are mentored, nurtured and consulted with the best practices and global performance benchmarks.

Sterling International Consulting offers a result oriented, practical and cost effective solutions to the ever increasing business needs of small and medium size organizations in the Philippines for international standard implementation and certification. We offer a complete, comprehensive and updated portfolio of various ISO standards applicable to SMEs in the Philippines. We offer consulting, training, implementation, internal audit and certification services for various international standards like ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, ISO 22000 / HACCP & ISO 27001 etc.

We have a unique initiative to strengthen MSMEs in the Philippines and help them improve their performance and profitability.

Sterling International Consulting is glad to present one of its kind programme – My Company–>My Pride : My Company–>Philippine’s Pride.

Under this programme, we aim to work closely with SMEs in the Philippines to make them more competitive in the local and global market by helping them improve their quality standards and achieve various international standard certifications like ISO 9001 QMS, ISO 14001 EMS, ISO 45001 OHSMS, ISO 22000 FSMS & ISO 27001 ISMS etc. at a fraction of the cost charged by other companies in the market.

Cost for ISO certification as offered by other service providers is exorbitant, over priced, un-affordable and beyond reach for the most small and medium size companies in the Philippines. This kind of high price limits the reach of such fantastic and important international standards to most of the SMEs. Also the bureaucratic approach adopted by most of the service providers makes the entire process of ISO implementation and certification complex and difficult for many companies.

Under the My Company–>My Pride : My Company–>Philippine’s Pride scheme, any MSME having less than 25 employees becomes eligible to claim upto 75% discount for the ISO 9001 Consulting and ISO 9001 QMS certification project for their company. Download our brochure by clicking here.

Qualifying criteria to participate in My Company–>My Pride : My Company–>Philippine’s Pride scheme:

  • Must be a valid business who is into operations for at least last 6 months.
  • Must have less than 25 employees.
  • Must be able to nominate one of their employee as our singe point contact during the entire project.
  • Must not have claimed benefits under the same scheme in the past.

MSMEs can make an application with a copy of their valid company registration by sending an email at with the below information and a justification in terms of why should their company be considered for upto 75% discount on the ISO 9001 certification under My Company–>My Pride : My Company–>Philippine’s Pride scheme.

  • Name of the organization:
  • Address:
  • Contact person name:
  • Email id of the contact person:
  • Mobile number of the contact person:
  • Scope of business activities / products / services:
  • Number of employees in the company:

We evaluate each application on its individual merit and select organizations who qualify under this scheme. Once selected, you will be approved by our team and you will be assigned a dedicated business manager to help you plan, execute and complete your ISO certification with the maximum effectiveness and lowest cost possible.

With a unique and tailor made approach, we make the process of ISO certification for small and medium size companies simple, easy, value adding, quick, free from bureaucratic hurdles and effective. We just have one objective – Enable your company achieve more and succeed more.

Come, be a part of the growth revolution that is being promoted by Sterling International Consulting in the Philippines.

Get ISO certificate for your small and medium size company under our My Company–>My Pride : My Company–>Philippine’s Pride scheme and start a journey towards more customers, better product / service quality, enhanced customer satisfaction, higher profitability and a sustainable competitive advantage.

We want to work with you to make the company you are proud of to be a company the whole of Philippines can be proud of.