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Some of us think that only private companies need ISO certification. However, this global standard certificate is also important to the organizations in the public sector. While your public sector departments need to ensure better performance, our professionals are ready to help you. Our qualified and skillful ISO consultant for government organizations in the Philippines. Hire our consultants to achieve international standards and to create a framework for delivering the services effectively. At a reasonable rate, you will be able to provide the best value to your customers.

 ISO 9001- The best standard quality management system

Transparency is highly crucial to any government organization. Whether it is a municipal level or national level department, you need to implement a QMS. There is a series of scalable practices, related to ISO 9001 for government agencies in the Philippines. As one of the certified agencies, you can keep up a low operating cost. The management system in the public sector will be more consistent and effective.

For most of the government companies, bidders of profitable deals have an effective QMS. While you think of shifting your business to a different territory.

 ISO 14001- Manage environmental issues

To control a climatic change and to prevent environmental problems, the government organizations have to apply Environmental Management System. We help you to get certifications on ISO 14001 for government organizations in Manila. By ensuring a better standard everyday operation, you can achieve the certifications.

 ISO 45001 certifications- Safer workplace

ISO 45001 for government companies in Cebu is highly important for addressing Occupational Health And Safety Management System. The roadwork contractors and construction professionals in the public sector may have workplace accidents. ISO 45001 organizations are capable of managing their risks effectively.

 ISO 22000 and HACCP certification 

Food industry in the government sector needs ISO 22000 certification. We have consultants to help you with ISO 22000 certification for government companies in Philippines. You need to implement a Food Safety Management System. By fulfilling regulatory and statutory criteria, you may achieve this certification. Moreover, we also know the process to apply for HACCP certification for government organization in Philippines.

 ISO 27001 certification to ensure a cyber-protection

Online threats, vandalism and cyber crimes are common to the intelligence community, aerospace department and defense sectors. Thus, these government sectors need ISO 27001, as this certification provides you with tools, preventing online crimes. To get the certification, you may hire our ISO consultant for government companies in the Philippines.

ISO 37001 Anti Bribery Management System Consulting & Certification in the Philippines for Government Organizations

Considering a robust drive to eliminate corruption and provide a clean administration by the government of the Philippines, ISO 37001 anti bribery management system can prove to be a huge boon to implement a result oriented management system for any government organization. We provide a complete set of training, consulting, implementing and certification services for all government departments, government organizations and government divisions to achieve a world class anti bribery management system and demonstrate their commitment to a clean and transparent public service delivery.

ISO 37120:2018 Certification for Cities, municipality or local government

ISO 37001 standard enables a city, municipality or local government unit to provide better services to the residents, stakeholders and help determine key performance indicators to plan, determine and measure the performance of city services and quality of life for residents of the city. The performance indicators, performance matrix and associated test methods in ISO 37120 International Standard have been developed in order to help cities:

  • Performance management of city services and quality of life for residents over a period of time;
  • Learn from one other cities by allowing comparison across a wide range of performance measures; and,
  • Collaborate about best practices with other cities in the world and benchmark operations on a continual basis to implement improvement actions.

Cities in the Philippines can contact Sterling International Consulting at to get started with a better practice of city management.

At Sterling International Consulting, we are the best ISO Consultant in the Philippines, and we provide result oriented, fast, professional and cost-effective ISO Certification services to government organizations. Contact us for ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 17025, ISO 22000, HACCP, ISO 27001, ISO 45001, ISO 15189, ISO 17020 accreditation and certification services in the Philippines.

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