ISO certification for Call Centers, KPO, BPO and IT Companies in the Philippines

Have you thought of enhancing your call center / KPO / BPO and IT organizations in the Philippine to make it ever more competitive and attractive at the global stage ? With the increasing business size, you may also find varying IT needs. However, one of the essential needs of your organization is to gain the global standard ISO certification. You have reached the right platform to get professional guidance on the ISO certification for call center, BPO, KPO and IT companies in the Philippines.

ISO standards reassure the customers and other business associates that your processes and data are safe. Thus, it is the right time to communicate with our ISO consultants. business continuity, IT and BPO service management, information security and different other factors contribute to the decision in terms of which ISO certification is suitable for a call center including ISO Consultant for a call center, ISO certification for BPO or ISO certification for IT companies in the Philippines / Manila / Cebu.

 Quality Management System ISO 9001 Certification for your IT and BPO / KPO / Call center in Philippines

We offer any type of ISO certification services. As one of the IT or BPO / KPO / Call center business owners, you need to maintain the Quality Management System.For this QMS certification, you have to apply for ISO 9001 standards. For any small or big business in the IT and BPO/KPO/Call center sector in the Philippines, ISO 9001 for BPO and IT in the Philippines. You use a range of computerized systems for your IT agencies and BPO companies.

As it is the certification for Quality Management, you have to create your quality policy. Your management team may work with is to develop this policy. We focus on your budget and business scheme for identifying your quality objectives. Moreover, we help you in establishing a document control system-

  • A letter code to detect document of every type
  • Revision control process where every revision causes a chance to revision number
  • A change history summarizing all changes made to each document
  • Signatures of those who have prepared the document and have given the approval
  • The revision date or revision

 Ensuring the health of employees in the IT sector

There is always a risk of the employees’ health and safety in most of the sectors, including the IT and BPO. Thus, to value your employees’ health, you can look for ISO 45001 certification. This certification eliminates OH&S risks. Moreover, ISO 45001 for call center, KPO, IT and BPO business in Cebu reduces the risk of workplace incidents. You may also minimize the insurance premium cost. Your business has to develop the best culture for the health and safety of your employees. You can find better staff morale after having this ISO certification.

 ISO certificate for EMS

Another certification essential to every business is environmental protection. ISO 14001 for IT and BPO in Manila is the global certificate for the environmental management system. To help you in getting this certification easily, we can train your staff to become professional internal auditors.

ISO 27001 for Information Security Management System for call center, KPO,  BPO & IT Companies in Philippines.

Ensure robust ISMS compliance and data security along with Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability of your information with our world class information security management system consulting, training and certification services in line with ISO 27001 standards for your business process call center / BPO / KPO / outsourcing / IT companies in the Philippines.

ISO 22301 for Service Management System – Excel in your service delivery

We understand the criticality of sustainable operational practices for achieving a flawless, on-time and optimum service delivery. We offer a range of services including ISO 22301 consulting, ISO 22301 training, implementation and ISO 22301 certification services for all kind of service organizations in the Philippines to enable them achieve competitive advantage and offer a world class service to the customers in the Philippines and for the global outsourcing clients.

In addition to the above standards, the below BPO specific standards can be implemented by any business process outsourcing companies in the Philippines to deliver better service and offer a controlled business process outsourcing experience to the customers:

  •  ISO/IEC 30105-1:2016 Information technology — IT Enabled Services-Business Process Outsourcing (ITES-BPO) lifecycle processes — Part 1: Process reference model (PRM)
  • ISO/IEC 30105-2:2016 -Information technology — IT Enabled Services-Business Process Outsourcing (ITES-BPO) lifecycle processes — Part 2: Process assessment model (PAM)
  • ISO/IEC 30105-3:2016 – Information technology — IT Enabled Services-Business Process Outsourcing (ITES-BPO) lifecycle processes — Part 3: Measurement framework (MF) and organization maturity model (OMM)
  • ISO/IEC 33003:2015 -Information technology — Process assessment — Requirements for process measurement frameworks
  • ISO/IEC 33004:2015 – Information technology — Process assessment — Requirements for process reference, process assessment and maturity models

 Now, you can hire a qualified ISO consultant for call center, KPO, outsourcing, IT and BPO companies in the Philippines. We will guide to get the certification, to have auditor training and other services.

Call us at +63 9778151204 or send us an email at for the following services for ISO Certification in the Philippines:

(1) ISO certification for call center in Philippines including ISO 9001, IS 27001, ISO 22301 in Manila and Cebu.

(2) ISO certification for BPO companies in the Philippines for outsourcing management including ISO 9001, ISO 22301, ISO 27001 ISMS in Cebu & Manila.

(3) ISO Certification for Information Technology companies / IT companies in the Philippines covering ISO 27001 ISMS, ISO 9001 QMS and ISO 22301 SMS in Manila and Cebu.

(4) ISO consultant for call center / BPO / KPO / outsourcing / IT companies in the Philippines for ISO 9001 certification, ISO 27001 certification and ISO 22301 certificate in Cebu and Manila.

The best ISO consultant for ISO certification for the growing IT & outsourcing companies in the Philippines including software development, back office, IT, BPO, KPO and IT companies offering various services like offshore staff leasing, HR & payroll outsourcing, remote staff provision, contact center solutions, back office solutions, data management outsourcing, virtual employee / staff provision, lead generation, IT solutions outsourcing etc.

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