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ISO 9001 certification- Manage the quality of your business processes

A reliable organization has to prove its capability of providing the best services and products to fulfill customer requirements. One of the best options to ensure it is to make your company ISO 9001 certified. ISO 9001 certification in Philippines is not easy for you without the professional help. Lots of business have chosen ISO 9000 series for certifications. We are the best team to assist you with ISO 9001 implementation in Philippines. Our consultants will make you familiar to the technicalities, associated with these certification standards.

ISO 9001 certification in Philippines is awarded to any organization that demonstrates conformity with ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System Standard. Small, medium and large organizations in the Philippines can contact the only accredited, authorized and approved ISO 9001 certification consulting service provider Sterling through email at or a phone call at +63 9778151204 for QMS implementation and certification.

Benefits of ISO 9001 Certification in the Philippines – Read here

Improve productivity, performance, processes, efficiency and effectiveness of your business.

Is the ISO 9001 certification right for you?

An organization from any sector and of any size can have this certification. Millions of organizations have applied for this certificate. In fact, we have found it to be one of the standard needs for quality management systems. By having the QMS certification in Philippines, you can-

  • Organize your business processes
  • Strengthen the procedural efficiency
  • Improve continually

If you are presently using ISO 9001 certification, we encourage you to switch to ISO 9001:2015. Get our professional assistance to do it very easily.

We keep you updated of the following information while you have approached us for ISO 9001 consulting in Philippines.

  • Cost of ISO 9001 certification in Philippines– The cost includes the charge for the registration, recertification audits, and surveillance
  • The present conformity level with ISO 9001 requirements in Philippines
  • The resources, important to your company for the implementation and development

We charge a very reasonable amount for our ISO consultation and other services. Thus, you would face no problem in paying the cost of ISO 9001 certification in Philippines.

The standard, ISO 9001 helps in adopting the best approach to emphasize various requirements and gain the added value. We have knowledge on the ISO 9001 previous versions, intended for the manufacturing sector. Our company helps you with the comprehensive documentation, essential for the certification.

The present version is much generic, as it is applicable for any type of product, brand, and organizations.

Steps for ISO 9001 implementation in Philippines

  • Apply for the certification
  • Our team will submit the offer
  • After you have accepted the offer, we confirm the agreement
  • Deal with the Initial Certification audit – It includes two major steps
  • Issuance the Certificate of approval after successfully accomplishing the audit procedure

While you have obtained the certificate, you need to keep it secure. Your ISO 9001 certificate will remain valid for 3 years.

Thus, hire our team for ISO 9001 certification in Philippines. Our team also knows the process of the recertification audit procedure. We can provide you direction for having a transition to a different version of ISO 9001. Co-operate with our team for having this certification in Philippines.

ISO 9001 certification in Philippines is an international standard for quality management system  that provides robust quality processes, helps an organization mitigate QMS risks, enhance profitability, improve customer satisfaction, standardize quality  operations, minimize quality  related deviations and helps an organization achieve continual improvement of their QMS  operations. As per Wikipedia & available research data, ISO 9001 certification in Philippines is known to help organizations in Philippines to improve effectiveness of quality management system, profitability, business performance and a better success with sustainability of QMS in Philippines.  ISO 9001 focuses on customer needs and expectation and strive to deliver high quality services. The ISO 9001 standard helps the organization to keep the QMS in order by streamlining processes and helps to meet stakeholders’ requirements. It ensures to make the decisions based on strong evidence while saving resources within the organization.  Demonstrate your commitment for a world class quality management system in Philippines with ISO 9001 certification in Philippines.

As one of the largest QMS consultants in Philippines, Sterling International Consulting works very closely with your team to implement a robust, result oriented, value adding and employee friendly ISO 9001:2015 QMS in your organization. We help you improve your processes, performance, productivity and profitability with our lean approach to the quality management system. Our ISO 9001 QMS documentation approach post gap assessment is simple and easy to implement. You also get access to our renowned QMS software MyEasyISO to help you automate your ISO 9001 QMS. Contact us at to get started for your ISO 9001 QMS certification.

Timelines for ISO 9001 implementation and certification depends on various factors like size of the organization, complexity of processes, number of locations, number of employees etc. Typical time for ISO 9001 certification varies from 1 month to 6 months however we can complete the process in 3 months time if implementation is executed at a normal pace of speed.

Cost of ISO 9001 certification depends on various factors such as number of employees, products/services and number of locations to be covered under the scope of certification. Cost of ISO 9001 QMS certification includes various cost components like consulting charges, training charges and onsite certification body assessment charges.  Our charges for ISO 9001 consulting and certification in Philippines starts from 69,000 peso onwards and for the most small to midsize organizations, total cost of ISO 9001 certification will be around 75,000 peso including all the possible cost components.

ISO 9001 Quality Management System is an excellent framework to standardize business processes, enhance quality of products / services, improve operational effectiveness, boost productivity, enhance customer satisfaction and better management of risks in the organization. ISO 9001 standard is divided in a total of 10 clauses with actual implementation / compliance requirements starting from clause no 4 onwards. ISO 9001:2015 standard provides a foundation for a strong, customer focused, dynamic and result oriented work culture in the organization.

Given below is a comprehensive list of the requirements that organizations in the Philippines interested in ISO 9001:2015 QMS can address as a part of the documented information system. The list below shows all the documents / records / documented information that should be created / maintained by companies in order to demonstrate their ISO 9001:2015 QMS compliance. All the documents, records, SOPs, procedures, policies and other mandatory & optional / suggested requirements to implement an ISO 9001 QMS successfully are given below:

  • Is QMS considered as a strategic tool and aligned with business objective? Demonstrate QMS is not considered just as a one-off implementation and certification project but as a part of core organizational strategy and company culture.
  • Identification of internal issues, external issues and needs – expectations of interested parties. Identification of risks for each of the three if not properly addressed
  • Scope finalization and identification of requirements which cannot be applied.
  • Identification of risks and opportunities from context, processes, services / products / projects and changes.
  • Actions to address identified risks and opportunities with regular monitoring.
  • Top management involvement and active participation in the QMS implementation process.
  • Identification of ISO representative(s) / ISO in charge and core team and issuance of appointment letter with responsibilities.
  • Quality policy prepared, displayed and known to everybody. If required, translated in local language.
  • Quality objectives (measurable and timebound) established with achievement plan prepared and last 2/3 months performance tracking done. Ensure you have identified quality objectives about product / service conformity and customer satisfaction along with other critical business objectives.
  • Identification of processes in the organization. Development of process interaction document.
  • Process effectiveness parameters / KPIs for various critical processes in the company with process input, output and procedure / process description.
  • Availability and compliance to all the functional SOPs / flow charts – at least for the critical and important processes / departments)
  • Organization chart updated and available.
  • Roles, responsibility & authority defined and communicated to all the employees.
  • Competence evaluation carried out with identification of ideal competence and mapping with existing competence of all the employees.
  • Training calendar prepared and 2 / 3 training completed with training records available.
  • Effectiveness of the training carried out available with training attendance records
  • Purchase orders available for all the purchases made
  • Supplier registration carried covering all the suppliers whose product / service affect quality.
  • List of approved suppliers available.
  • Supplier evaluation carried out for all the suppliers and analysis is done.
  • Third party inspection certificate for first purchase from a supplier/ supplier test report for the products to be obtained from all the suppliers where incoming inspection is not possible.
  • Quality plan / macro level plan for product/service/project/operation realization.
  • Availability of operational work instructions / SOP/guidelines for production/service execution / projects execution.
  • Daily / weekly / monthly production / work / project execution plan and report
  • All the enquiries received in last 2 / 3 months documented in enquiry log
  • Review of organization’s capability to meet customer’s requirements before commitment to supply product / service.
  • Identification of legal / statutory / regulatory requirements if applicable during pre-sales process.
  • Documentation of client complaints with correction, root cause and corrective actions along with its analysis
  • Customer feedback / perception collection and it’s analysis
  • List of applicable legal, statutory & regulatory requirements applicable to the organization for the scope.
  • List of items requiring calibration and calibration records with availability of calibration certificate.
  • Calibration tag on the instruments / equipment.
  • Preventive and breakdown maintenance records if applicable.
  • Incoming inspection quality plan and records
  • In process & final inspection quality plan and records.
  • List of outsourced processes and identification of control parameters for outsourced processes.
  • Records to prove that outsourced partner’s work is as per our requirement and meeting product / service conformity requirements.
  • List of processes that needs to be validation and validation records.
  • List of customer property / supplier property if damaged / compromised with while being in possession of the organization.
  • Master list of documents and records covering all the documents with information like document name, number, revision no, effective date, issued to, location, retention period, disposal mechanism, disposal authority etc.
  • List of documents of external origin
  • Document change request for any documents changed.
  • Document issuances records
  • Internal audit yearly schedule.
  • Internal audit plan
  • internal audit summary report
  • internal audit nonconformity report
  • Management Review agenda
  • Management Review minutes
  • Management Review action plan
  • Documentation of any process nonconformity with correction, root cause analysis and corrective action.
  • Quality Manual if required by the organization with scope of QMS, any exclusions with justification, SOPs or reference to them and process interaction.
  • Procedures on documented information, internal audit, non-conformity management, corrective actions, management reviews if required by the organization
  • Identification of what knowledge is required for which process / stage in the organization and making sure right kind of knowledge is made available to employees.
  • Change management and ensuring change is a controlled change with risks identification if any.
  • Has the organization ensured that people doing work under their control are at least aware of the quality policy, relevant quality objectives, their contribution to these and the implications of not conforming to the QMS?
  • Has the organization determined internal and external communications relevant to the QMS?
  • Is Identification and traceability maintained for output generated?
  • If there is a requirement for post-delivery activities associated with the products and services such as warranty, maintenance services, recycling or final disposal, are these defined and managed?
  • Statistical analysis of process performance / objectives / KPIs / supplier performance / customer perception / complaints / nonconformities etc.
  • Identification of improvements / continual improvements projects in the organization.

The list of ISO 9001 QMS requirement above is the most complete, comprehensive and authoritative list prepared based on our ISO consulting experience with more than 7,500 organizations globally. It considers ISO 9001 QMS requirements as applicable to service, manufacturing and trading organizations. Consider the above listed requirements during your implementation and certification process. Thousands of companies globally have been able to achieve successful ISO 9001 certification using the above list of requirements as their benchmark for their QMS. You can use this carefully curated list of ISO 9001 QMS requirements for your business to establish your Quality Management System in the Philippines. If you need any clarification or assistance on how to interpret these requirements specific to your business operations, you can contact us for a free consultation and advise at .

In addition to this, our customers get a free subscription to our award winning QMS software MyEasyISO to automate their Quality Management System and make it paperless QMS.

Contact us now to receive a non-obligation quotation and proposal with a project plan for ISO 9001 consulting implementation and certification in Manila, Cebu and Philippines.

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