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ISO 37500 is a set of standards that explains the different phases, processes, and governance aspects of outsourcing. This standard was created by ISO (International Organization for Standardization) to help corporations and organizations implement outsourcing successfully. It is intended to provide a basis for sustained high-quality service from an independent provider. This standard applies to both small and large companies, as well as all sectors of industry. The goal of ISO 37500 is to provide a foundation for managing outsourcing for companies and help them sustain their businesses.

It can be used by companies to help them avoid outsourcing their projects to third-party providers. This standardized global framework has been set up in order to increase safety, reduce the risk of fraud, and provide transparency between the buyer and seller.  helps organizations with specific circumstances to partner with other companies for the purpose of achieving benefits from outsourcing. This standard specifies standards for Outsourcing Governance. The United States businesses are constantly faced with the question of whether or not outsourcing is the best option for their business needs. Outsourcing is potentially an extremely effective tool for businesses, but it also comes with some added risks that need to be managed. This standard provides guidelines so that businesses know how to navigate the process safely and effectively. It also helps businesses understand what types of risks they may encounter when outsourcing and how to avoid them, which ultimately leads them to more successful outsourcing arrangements.

hese standards consider many factors like risks involved with outsourcing, flexibility of outsourcing arrangements, accommodating changing business requirements and identifying risks involved with outsourcing. It also considers different types of offshore service providers like internal staff members and external service providers.


  • The scope refers to the areas of interest and expertise that the guidance is intended to cover.
  • The normative references refer to the published standards and legislation that has a direct impact or influence on the services provided.
  • The terms and definitions relate to the terminology used within this document.
  • Outsourcing begins by understanding the outsourcing strategy, which is followed by selecting an outsourcing service provider.

It also includes four phases.

  1. The first phase has two steps: the strategy analysis step and the selection of service providers.
  2. The second phase includes initiation and selection of providers.
  3. The third phase is about successfully transitioning from one contractor to another, and
  4. the fourth phase is focused on delivering value.

Benefits of ISO 37500:

There are many benefits to outsourcing. The decision makers and their empowered representatives, all stakeholders engaged in facilitating the creation and/or management of outsourcing arrangements, and staff at all levels of experience in outsourcings can benefit from outsourcing. In order to gain these benefits, it is important for organizations to consider using ISO 37500 when outsourcing a business process or activity.


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