ISO 37120 Certification in Philippines

ISO 37120 is an international standard for the measurement of quality of life. The standard is intended to be used in all countries around the world, including those with low development indicators, as well as those with high development indicators. This includes water, electricity, sanitation, transport, leisure, health care, education, housing and personal safety.   The standard also includes indicators related to other factors such as health care, education, and food systems. ISO 37120 includes 18 indicators which are broken down into four groups:

  • economic quality of life
  • goods and services
  • environmental performance
  • infrastructure,
  • human health and safety
  • overall quality of life indicator set.

Despite concerns about its relative usefulness in determining what constitutes quality of life, ISO 37120 has been implemented by various governments and organizations around the world. Cities will be able to see that their performance has improved or declined through this measure. It establishes a framework for effective and sustainable management of quality of life.

Benefits of ISO 37120:

ISO 37120 is a standard for setting ISO 37120 and has many benefits. The most important benefit of ISO 37120 is that it helps set effective targets across the whole city, which leads to improved quality of life. This is because ISO 37120 can help city planners make better decisions. City planners are able to use this standard to create plans with specific objectives and allocate resources. For example, ISO 37120 would allow city planners to prioritize which hospitals will receive supplies in order to ensure more efficient patient care.

This improves accountability and makes sure that resources are effective including statistics about the whole city to help with urban planning. This standard helps companies determine the potential investment attractiveness of a location by giving them an idea of how much water and waste is expected to be produced in the next 30 years. It also offers guidance on what type of resources will need to be invested in based on the amount of those resources that have been exhausted or gone out of production. This saves time, effort, and money for companies that are focused on making their investments more sustainable.

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