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ISO 28000 is a set of standards that specify the requirements of a security management system, including those aspects critical to security assurance.  The standard was first published in 2000 and covers “organizational security management” and “information security management.” ISO 28000 is linked to other aspects of business such as logistics, quality control, and accounting.The main focus is on the protection of critical information in supply chains. There are many aspects of the management of this system that are critical to obtaining certain assurances. Some examples include

  • -The secure identification and verification of personnel,
  • -A process for risk assessment and risk prevention,
  • -The provision of a suitable physical protection for all working areas,
  • -Appropriate use of information technology systems and devices, and
  • -An effective response in case of a breach.

Organizations that have larger operations in terms of products or services will have more than one supply chain to keep track of. An organization’s quality management system must be based on four core principles, including leadership and staff involvement, process improvement, customer focus, and continual improvement. According to ISO 28000, an effective internal audit is one that can effectively and efficiently help the organization improve their business practices. Having an effective and efficient internal audit will also aid in improving customer satisfaction rates as well.

Scope of ISO 28000

ISO 28000 is an international standard that outlines the rules and processes for establishing, implementing, maintaining, and improving a security management system. A security management system is a whole that includes all of the elements necessary to manage a company’s security risks and vulnerabilities. This includes compliance with guidelines, incident response plans, security audits, and training programs

Establishing a management system, requires that you not only create rules and procedures for compliance, but also maintain them by making them clear to the organization and demonstrating conformance. Once a conforming system is established, this standard ensures that others know what systems are in place. The final layer of certification is getting another entity to certify your system which allows the public to trust your company’s protection of their digital assets.

Benefits of ISO 28000

For many companies, ISO 28000 is a certification standard that helps to bring security into their business by providing standardized processes and policies. One of the benefits of the implementation of ISO 28000 is that it allows management to focus on areas with high-risk while not overwhelming personnel with other responsibilities.

it allows security to be managed as a process so that the effectiveness of security management can be measured and improved. It also allows management to focus resources and efforts on areas rather than being spread thin across the board.

This benchmarking can help to provide greater visibility into the organization’s efforts to implement strong security practices. It also demonstrates to stakeholders the organization’s commitment to maintaining a systematic security management program.

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