ISO 21001 Certification for Educational Organizations in Philippines

Sterling International Consulting provides ISO 21001 training, consulting,  documentation, internal audit, certification audit assistance services to all kind of government and private educational institutes in the Philippines.

The ISO 21001 certification will enable you to provide educational services in a more effective and efficient manner. Implementation of ISO 21001 standard will help you improve your education system through better processes, augment the reputation & prestige of your educational institution, provide equal opportunities to all, provide better and personalized training,  promote excellence in teaching and learning.

ISO 21001:2018 Standard can be used by all kinds of education providers. Ranging from nursery  to higher education as well as vocational training and e-learning services. The ISO 21001:2018 Standard is also applicable to educational departments of large organizations such as professional training departments. Our ISO 21001 consulting services in the Philippines are suitable for the following kind of educations institutions:

  • Schools
  • Colleges
  • University
  • Private vocational training institute
  • Degree / Diploma / post graduation campuses

Structure and requirements of ISO 21001 standard

ISO 21001 standard is based on the ISO 9001 QMS and follows the same PDCA approach. Given below are the requirements of ISO 21001 standard.

ISO 21001 Clause No. Requirements as per ISO 21001 clause
1 Scope (Defines the purpose and application of ISO 21001 standard)
2 Normative references (Provides references to other ISO standards used or referred)
3 Terms and definitions (Defines various terms and phrases used in the standard)
4 Context of the organization (Describes how to link strategic direction of the organization with ISO 21001 standard)
5 Leadership (Describes the role of top management and involvement expected from the top management for  an effective ISO 21001 implementation)
6 Planning (Covers risks, opportunities, objectives and other planning phase for implementation of a robust and progressive educational management system)
7 Support (Details support functions / services required including resources for your educational institute)
8 Operation (Covers the core and the most important part of ISO 21001 standard. How to run and execute  your operations for providing value adding services to the learners, students and other stake holders.)
9 Performance evaluation (Mentions how to plan and monitor various performance matrix for an effective functioning of your educational institute)
10 Improvement (Enables you identify improvement opportunity and take the performance of your educational institute to the next level)
Annex A (normative) Additional requirements for early childhood education
Annex B (informative) Principles for an Management systems for educational organizations
Annex C (informative) Classification of interested parties in educational organizations
Annex D (informative) Guidelines for communication with interested parties
Annex E (informative) Processes, measures and tools in educational organizations
Annex F (informative) Example of mapping to regional standards
Annex G (informative) Health and safety considerations for educational organizations

With a global clientele of 7,500 satisfied customers across 50+ countries, we can provide you an easy to implement, simple to maintain and employee friendly ISO 21001 implementation, consulting and certification services in Manila, Cebu and across all the provinces  of the Philippines.

ISO 21001 certification in Philippines  is an international standard for Educational Organizations Management systems that provides a common management tool for organizations providing educational products and services, helps an organization mitigate EOMS risks, enhance profitability, improve learner satisfaction, standardize education operations, minimize quality related deviations and helps an organization achieve continual improvement of their EOMS operations. As per Wikipedia & available research data, ISO 21001 certification in Philippines is known to help organizations in Philippines to improve effectiveness of Educational Organizations Management systems, profitability, business performance and a better success with sustainability of EOMS in Philippines.  ISO 21001 focuses on learner and other beneficiary enhancement by meeting their requirements. It helps to make better alignment of organization objectives and activities with policy and also enhancing social responsibility by providing inclusive and equitable quality of education. It manages the risks which can affect outputs of the processes and overall results of the EOMS. Demonstrate your commitment for a world class Educational Organizations Management systems in Philippines with Iso 21001 certification in Philippines .

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