ISO 20252 Certification in Philippines

ISO 20252 is one of the most widely used standards in the field of market research. This standard utilizes a linear structure in order to improve performance by following initiatives, goals, and steps. The ISO 20252 standard also covers opinion research, social research, attitude research, and qualitative consumer perception surveys. It is important because it has the tools necessary for people in different areas to work together towards creating a focused and actionable plan to help companies grow their market share in different parts of the world.

Companies use ISO 20252 to understand how the market evaluates them and what actions will help them grow their business. This standard can be used by companies in a variety of industries including marketing and IT. It also provides an outline for how social research should be conducted in order to have consistency.

Main clauses in ISO 20252

  • Clause 3 is about the processes that make an organization run. They are usually required to be documented in an organizational chart, which stipulates who is responsible for what.
  • Clause 4 is about how research and management systems need to be managed by an individual or group of people. Research needs to be scheduled in advance, while project managers should also work with other departments to ensure that they are able to carry out their duties properly.
  • Clause 5 talks about data collection and how it needs to be collected at all times. The data then needs to be stored and processed in a way that it can be used correctly by the report team.
  • Clause 6 talks about metadata, which can help users understand what the data means and tells them why it was useful for their research project.
  • Clause 7 explains what happens when there’s a difference between what’s written in the report and what actually happened during a research event.

Benefits of implementing ISO 20252:

Implementing the ISO 20252 standard will not only improve your processes, but also your work culture overall. It is important that you select who will implement the standard and give them the authority to do so. Implementing this standard will take planning from the beginning, but setting up plans for each process will be key to its success.

The benefit of implementing this standard includes improved decision making, reduced errors, selection of a supplier that meets the standard, and offers opportunities for improvement in performance.

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