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Event sustainability management system (ESMS) is the standard for event planning. This standard helps organizations to manage their events and plan for future events. The ISO 20121:2012 certification helps organizations to be environmentally friendly, economically sustainable, and socially responsible. The ESMS certification also helps businesses to improve their services and maximize profits. Event sustainability management defines an event as the combination of time, space, and resources that is occupied by a social group. This can include conferences, fairs, sporting events, trade shows, and other large-scale gatherings. The goal of this standard is to make sure the event fulfills its purpose and does not have any adverse effects on the environment.

The ISO 20121 standard was released in 2012 and is currently being used by many different organizations, including the International Olympic Committee.

There are four main factors that make up the ISO 20121 management system: – People and Organizational Development – Business Model and Strategy – Planning for Sustainability Considerations – Risk Management It is a set of documentation that provides a framework for organizations to assess, plan, implement, monitor, and improve processes to ensure the consistent delivery of quality service. Many organizations have found these standards helpful in creating better event planning processes.

Benefits of implementing ISO 20121:

ISO-20121 can help a company in many ways.

  • Improve their planning and processes, such as those who focus on event planning and running an efficient event.
  • By implementing ISO 20121, staff members can have better communication with suppliers who will be able to provide their services at lower costs.
  • Improve its own efficiency by identifying roles and responsibilities of staff members and making sure that everything runs smoothly.
  • Reduces the cost by implementing waste management. To achieve this, it is important to identify what wastes exist and how they can be minimized and recycled in the event.

Main clauses in ISO 20121:

  • Clause no. 4 of ISO 20121 states that organizations should have a leadership structure and procedure for providing support to the operation.
  • Clause no 5 states that the plan must be flexible and change over time to respond to new challenges.
  • Clause no 6 states that plans should be created in order to achieve the goals set out by the organization.
  • Clause no 7 states that planning must take into account changes in market conditions and technology.
  • Clause no 8 outlines how an organization’s operations should be carried out.
  • Finally, clause 9 establishes guidelines for evaluating performance of an organization’s operations, while
  • Clause 10 outlines guidelines for improvement process.

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