ISO 19395 Certification in Philippines

In order to ensure that their equipment doesn’t stop working, many companies have started implementing preventative measures. One of these is using monitoring software to get alerts when something goes wrong so the company can fix the issue before it becomes a bigger problem. This has led to a new standard called ISO 19395 : 2015. ISO 19395:2015 is a standard for how smart data center resource monitoring and control should be done. It has been designed for any IT sector who wants to monitor their IT related equipment, such as the UPSs in their data center, or the HVAC system.

Who can apply ISO 19395 certification?

Any company who wants to go through this process of monitoring their equipment needs to apply for ISO 19395:2015 certification. Once they have the certification, they will know what is needed in order to make sure that their processes are being followed and they will also know that they are staying up-to-date with new technology.

Main Clauses in ISO 19395:

The ISO 19395 standard has many important clauses that can help a company prepare for the certification process. One of the more important clauses is

1. Domains. The clause defines which types of domains are allowed and what their properties are for the company that is going to be certified.

2. Properties are the features of a device that allow it to be used by users.

3. Messages are information sent or received through the device. Commands are actions taken by the user while events are notifications initiated by the software.

The main clauses in ISO 19395 are:

-Allocation of the available resources to a dependable and sustainable basis,

-Providing the needed resource to maintain service continuity and performance,

-Meeting or exceeding customer expectations, and

-Providing high quality service.

Annexure – Resource configuration options

This annexure provides resources such as space and capacity, labour, capital equipment and subcontractors. The resource can be allocated using either a fixed or floating allocation. A fixed allocation is where all the resources are allocated on the basis of a set period of time or a certain event like an outside inspection or project closeout. A floating allocation allows for flexible resource procurement based on customer demand. Paragraph: Annexure 2 – Resource configuration of CRAH’s system fluid perspective. This paragraph provides information about how CRAH will manage resources such as space and capacity, labour, capital equipment and subcontractors under ISO 19395 clause 2. This includes information about how CRAH will allocate these resources in order to meet customer expectations and provide high quality service

Benefits of ISO 19395:

ISO 19395 ia a standard that provides a systematic approach to evaluating and testing IT systems. It defines the evaluation process in terms of decision-making, planning, and performance. It also gives guidelines on how to achieve the goal of improving productivity and performance through monitoring evaluation. It prevents major problems by identifying non-conformities in early stages before they become expensive and complex.

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