ISO 18606 Certification in Philippines

ISO 18606 is the international standard that gives the global requirement for acceptable packaging and environmental management, applicable specifically to those industries handling organic materials. It is mainly focused on companies in manufacturing sectors who produce goods for the specific sector with organic materials and dealing with packaging before disposal.

Packaging is an important part of the manufacturing process and should be designed to ensure that the entire product can be recycled. Packaging is also a major item that consumers use. So it has become more important for companies to design packaging that can be recycled by a variety of methods, such as organic recycling, while also protecting the environment.

ISO 18606, otherwise known as the Packaging and Environment requirement for Organic Waste, is a global standard that allows companies to hold organic waste generated in their packaging activities.  The process of packaging may include in-process and final stages, transportation and storage. Industries that may be subject to this international standard are food, beverage, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and personal care products, chemical industry among others.

Main Clauses in ISO 18606

The ISO 18606 standard is one type of quality management system. Organizations must comply with the main five clauses of ISO 18606. These are the principle, basic requirements, detailed requirements, declaration of results, and test reports. There are also specific requirements for organizations that need to be in compliance with all parts of this quality management system standard.

Benefits of ISO 18606

In order to meet this new standard, companies are implementing higher quality standards for their products in order to reduce the consumption of fresh raw materials, reduce air pollution, water pollution, reduce green house emissions, reduce energy usage, and save money. With all of the benefits that ISO 18606 can provide, it is no surprise that more and more organizations across the globe are implementing this system. Organizations like this one are saving money by reducing their fresh raw materials consumption and saving on energy usage. They are also using ISO 18602 to spread awareness of how to take care of our environment.

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