ISO 17025 accreditation in Cebu

ISO 17025 Accreditation InCebu- Install The Best System For Lab Management

As one of the lab owners, you may have established a laboratory management system. However, this system needs to be compliant with ISO standards. Lots of labs in this world have certified them with ISO 17025 accreditation. Thus, for ISO 17025 consulting in Cebu, you can hire our ISO consultants.

Your ISO 17025 accreditation in Cebu proves that you always value quality in the lab testing results. Thus, you can easily draw several potential customers. We help you to take the right certification steps to ensure the reliability and preciseness in your testing and calibration results.

You may have a freestanding lab, or your lab is a part of a facility. You can still look for ISO 17025 accreditation in Cebu. You can strengthen the reputation of your laboratory.

Accreditation is one of the ways to guarantee technical competence in your lab. You may rely on our team for performing the yearly assessments of your certification. Our ISO 17025 implementation in Cebu helps you to reduce the number of customer complaints. This ISO standard can turn out to be the most valuable tool for you to compete with others. You can install a perfect management system model in your lab. While applied properly, the ISO 17025 components will work together. You will find a powerful tool to make your lab more reputed. Moreover, you may use this accreditation at the time of promoting your lab. Thus, our test and calibration lab ISO 17025 accreditation in Cebu will be valuable to you in various ways.

 Let us know about you for accreditation

As we are a team of consultants, we will ask you a few questions

  • What is the present status and condition of your lab management systems?
  • Have you prepared yourself for documentation of lab management system?
  • Is there any preferred time frame for achieving the ISO 17025 accreditation in Cebu?
  • What is the scope of your lab for calibration and testing?

Our team also gives you an estimate of the cost of ISO 17025 accreditation in Cebu. We schedule the assessment by employing the highly qualified assessor who can closely reach your business.

Documentation- What are the essential factors?

While we have finalized the cost of ISO 17025 accreditation in Cebu, you may make a deal with us.

To prepare you for the documentation, we focus on various things-

Quality Manual- Illustrating the way of conforming your laboratory to the ISO standard

Procedures– The function of your the system

Work Instructions- Define various job activities that affect the calibration quality

Quality Documentation- It includes documents clarifying the potential quality

Quality Records- Different records, files, charts and assessment results

ISO 17025 accreditation in Cebu is an international standard for Testing And Calibration Laboratories that enables laboratories to demonstrate that they operate competently and generate trusted results, helps an organization mitigate laboratory risks, enhance profitability, improve customer satisfaction, standardize information security operations, minimize security  related deviations and helps an organization achieve continual improvement of their laboratory operations. As per Wikipedia & available research data, ISO 17025 certification in Cebu is known to help organization in Philippines to improve effectiveness of Testing And Calibration Laboratories, profitability, business performance and better success with sustainability of Testing And Calibration Laboratories in Cebu. ISO 17025 focuses to control quality costs, improve measurement accuracy and deliver consistently reliable results. It helps to achieve higher level of quality in the management system as it gives the opportunity to maintain complex process of testing. The standard improves national and global reputation of the laboratory. Demonstrate your commitment for a world class for Testing And Calibration Laboratories in Cebu with ISO 17025 certification in Cebu.

Thus, we help you in the best way for ISO 17025 implementation in Philippines.

How can we help you?

Contact us at the ISO Consulting & ISO Certification nearest to you in the Philippines to submit an enquiry and get ISO Certified.

I would like to take this opportunity to offer my sincere thanks on behalf of all at RespiraSource, OPC for the work done in supporting the company through the consultancy and development period leading towards the successful ISO 13485:2016 certification. The staff and management of RespiraSource, OPC have found Sterling International Consulting to be an efficient and focused service provider in their activities from our initial contact through quotation and scheduling stages of the certification preparation process. I would have no hesitation in recommending Sterling International Consulting to other companies looking to achieve a dedicated level of support with regards to the set-up of Quality Management System.

Maria Erissa S. Limkette
President - RespiraSource

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