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ISO 15489: 2016 Standard is a standard for Records Management Systems (RMS) which specifies the structure and content standards of records management system management plans. Whether you’re a company that deals with information, a museum or archive, a government agency, or just someone who works with paper documents, you need an RMS. The standard was created in order to protect and make sure all the documents that exist are preserved in their original form for future generations.

Requirements for ISO 15489:

It is a requirement for organizations where you need to share records across the company or department. There are different types of records that ISO describes: business records, administrative records, and communication records. In order to meet this requirement, you need to establish an organizational structure chart that includes the mission statement for your organization and/or department as well as the policies for your organization/department.

The specifications for an automated records management system includes specifications for retention schedules, access authorizations, and accession records. The specification even covers who will be responsible for answering questions about the retention schedules and maintaining the system.

The standard covers many areas such as record types, disposition schedules, classification schemes, access control mechanisms, and more


The ISO 15489 standard is meant to help businesses establish a quality management system. The standard outlines the key elements of a quality system and includes seven mandatory components which are: – aims, competitive position, vision, mission statement, values – organizational structure – policies – internal organization – procedures – management responsibility – performance

ISO 15489 is a standard that provides evidence of business, personal and cultural activity. It also establishes business, personal and cultural identity, and maintains corporate, personal or collective memory. The standard has been put in place to minimize the devastation brought on by natural disasters. ISO 15489 can provide continuity in the event of a disaster.

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