ISO 15189 Accreditation in Cebu

ISO 15189 Accreditation- Make your clinical lab certified

A certified medical lab is always reliable for every patient and business associate. To demonstrate the competence and quality of your lab service, you can make your lab certified. ISO 15189 Accreditation in Manila is the best option for all clinical laboratories, aiming at gaining the international standard. We are a team of consultants, helping you to achieve this accreditation for your lab.

Why to choose ISO 15189?

Some of our clients have confusion on whether to choose ISO 17025 or ISO 15189. Laboratory Accreditation, ISO 17025 differs ISO 15189 Accreditation standard. The latter is more preferable, as it gives more importance and value on patient wellbeing. Moreover, it also deals with post-analytical and pre-analytical activities. However, the ISO 17025 standard is about the general testing requirements of a lab. Our ISO 15189 consultant in Manila will help you to know the details of these standards, and thus, you can easily make the right decision.

Our professionals offer comprehensive ISO accreditation services, and we enable you to implement ISO 15189:2012. For any type of medical lab, this accreditation is applicable. Our consultants help you to know how to get ISO 15189 accreditation in Manila

  • For every test parameter of your lab, there will be a micro-level survey. We also prepare a detailed report on the Gap Analysis.
  • We arrange the documents, needed for ISO 15189 accreditation. Based on the lab needs, you will need Quality Manual, Quality Procedures and Standard Operating Procedures. This SOP is helpful for controlling the activities that have the potential of risks.
  • We make periodic visit until you get the accreditation and implement the systems effectively
  • Our professionals do an internal audit for checking whether your lab is ready for accreditation.
  • Our management review helps you to deal with technical and management requirements

Be ready for ISO 15189 accreditation 

It is essential to choose the right individual as Quality Manager, who would establish, implement and monitor the successful fulfilment of management requirements. However, the Technical Manager has to supervise and control the technical needs. You must also establish a QA process and test processes. Moreover, with our ISO 15189 accreditation training in Manila, we help your staffs to identify the principles of this standard.

ISO 15189 Accreditation in Cebu is an international standard for Medical laboratories that specifies the quality management system requirements particular to medical laboratories, helps an organization mitigate risks, enhance profitability, improve customer satisfaction, standardize laboratory operations, minimize quality related deviations and helps an organization achieve continual improvement of their medical lab operations. As per Wikipedia & available research data, ISO 15189 certification in Cebu is known to help organizations in Philippines to improve effectiveness of quality and competence in medical laboratories, profitability, business performance and a better success with sustainability of quality management in Cebu.  ISO 15189 focus to lab management that shall be responsible for improvement of QMS and meet needs of patient and all clinical. It helps to address pre-analytical and post-analytical activities and encourages full involvement and utilization of the abilities of all level employee to improve the organization. Demonstrate your commitment for a world class ISO 15189 quality management system in Cebu with ISO 15189 certification in Cebu.

When you have achieved the ISO 15189 certificate, you can ensure that your lab provides impartial and patient-focused services. It is also effective to maintain consistency in your service quality. Your latest techniques and technologies would also please the patients. You would also find a different perspective on your lab’s practice. Reduce the risks with international recognition, ISO 15189. Whether your lab is about clinical biochemistry, pathology, histopathology, genetics, microbiology, serology, hematology or nuclear medicine, you can apply for the accreditation in Manila.

How can we help you?

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