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ISO 14046 WATER FOOT PRINT is a certification that enables organizations to implement a systematic approach for sustainability. It helps create awareness among the employees and stakeholders of the organization about the company’s environmental sustainability.


ISO 14046 is a new standard being proposed by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). It will help companies understand their local water risks and impacts. ISO 14046 is designed to provide a common set of principles for measuring and managing the water footprint of companies, products and services.

Requirements for ISO 14046

ISO 14046 is a set of requirements for the measurement, management, and reporting of water-related environmental impacts. It includes a requirement to measure, among other things, the potential effects on human health of water use. ISO 14046 has been developed by ISO member body tentatively known as TC 264.

Benefits of ISO 14046

ISO 14046 is a new standard created to help industries measure the water footprint of their goods. The standard includes both qualitative and quantitative requirements and has a number of benefits for companies. It will improve transparency and allow companies to understand their environmental impacts better. Companies can then use this information to make decisions about how they can reduce those impacts. ISO 14046 also makes it easier for those outside the company who are concerned about the environment to know what they are buying, as they will be able to look up which products meet or don’t meet this new benchmark.

Why do we need to implement ISO 14046?

ISO14046 is a document that focuses on guidelines for water sustainability. The reason why it has been developed is to help society be aware of how much water they use and how much they actually need. It also offers advice on how to conserve the water we have so that it can be used efficiently.

How to get ISO14046 certification

The ISO 14046 standard is a high-level, international standard which sets out the principles and specific requirements for the reduction of water consumption in communities. The first step to getting ISO 14046 certification is to have a water consumption audit completed. This will allow you to pinpoint where your water intensive processes are, as well as provide a clear understanding of the costs associated with them and the benefits of reducing them.

It is now becoming more and more urgent to come up with efficient ways to combat water scarcity and pollution. The development of ISO 14046 WATER FOOT PRINT is a step in the right direction.

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