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ISO 10002 is a complaint handling system. ISO 10002 talks about how an organization manages its complaint handling system. The most important aspect of a complaint handling system is the use of an online or offline Complaint Management System that records, tracks, and manages complaints. The Complaint Management System must be able to track each step of the complaint process including what happens when the complaint is received, who handles it, and when it will be resolved.  It is important that every organization understands and complies with ISO 10002 in order to help prevent customer dispute escalation.

The goal of the complaint management process is to handle complaints in a timely manner, and prevent future problems from occurring within a company or industry. This is achieved by implementing policies for resolving complaints in a fair way, establishing quality assurance processes for maintaining the integrity of the complaints process, and eventually distributing corrective actions to all those involved. These processes need to be readily available and easy to follow so as to provide consistency in how complaints are handled at all levels of the company.

ISO 10002 guidelines will allow the company to have a more accurate understanding of their customers’ concerns and provide necessary data for analysis. The complication lies in how to measure the root cause of a complaint, since not all complaints are equal. There are many different types of complaints and it is important that these be measured accordingly. This way, companies can monitor improvements continually while they take corrective actions where they feel necessary. The goal of this program is to ensure that customers are treated fairly and with respect, provide them with information about how their complaints will be handled, have their issues fixed as quickly as possible.

Benefits of ISO 10002:

Customer retention, brand reputation, operational efficiency, and flexibility are the top benefits of ISO 10002. The standards also help improve internal communications and relations between employees. The goal is to make sure that the company is always improving and moving forward.

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