How to get ISO certification in the Philippines?

Sterling International Consulting – Philippines has been conducting ISO training courses in the Philippines since 2010 and so far we have trained thousands participants globally in various ISO standards. Our unique consulting and implementation approach ensures that the ISO certification cost in the Philippines is the lowest for our customers while still enjoying the highest level of service quality, professionalism and timely project delivery.


Our ISO consultancy services in the Philippines is rated as number one in numerous customer feedback surveys conducted for our clients in Manila and Cebu. Our ISO consultancy services also include a dedicated division for ISO 9001:2015 training in the Philippines.  We have been working with private and government organizations globally and we can provide our ISO consulting and ISO certification services to the government organizations and provide you a list of ISO certified government agencies in the Philippines.

ISO 9001:2015 documentation, implementation and certification services provided by our expert ISO consultants at Sterling International Consulting with offices in Manila and Cebu can guide you to understand cost of ISO certification including consulting, training, certification and surveillance charges to ensure you get a clear idea about the cost of ISO certification in the Philippines. As per Wikipedia and online journals,   ISO 9001 certification if implemented correctly, can help organizations improve productivity, performance and profitability while improving customer satisfaction and minimizing business risks.

Our friendly ISO consultants in Philippines will help you understand the ISO 9001 standard and comprehend its implementation requirements as applicable to your organization. Contact us at to get started and receive our free, no-obligation quote for ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, ISO 22000, ISO 27001 certification for your organization.