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ISO Certification For Health Care Service Providers, Hospitals and Medical Clinics In Philippines- Rely On Our Consultants

Do you need to reach a global standard for your healthcare services? In the medical service field, you may have made the best efforts to offer high-quality services and products. Still, your potential customers will always look for something unique that will differentiate you from our service providers and demonstrate your expertise and adherence to global standards in the field of health care. Medical organizations in the Philippines are known for quality of service, excellent nursing/medical care and medical expertise at a very competitive price. You can make your medical, hospital and healthcare business ISO certified in the Philippines with our ISO certification services. We have professional consultants to help you in achieving ISO certification for medical clinics in Philippines.

 ISO 9001- A QMS standard for the medical industry

The best Quality Management System standard, ISO 9001, is about the major principles to maintain standardized quality levels across different organizations of the healthcare industry. ISO 9001 certification for medical clinic is relevant to hospitals, medical clinics, doctor’s clinics, medical centers, community medical centers, Ambulatory Care facilities, Pharmaceutical companies, and other organizations in the field of health care.

To get ISO 9001 certification for medical clinic, you have to

  • Confirm your knowledge of the related service requirements
  • Define your roles and responsibilities for effective communication
  • Ensure the availability of resource to offer high-quality services
  • Develop processes to consistently deliver high quality services.

You have to develop a patient-centric and service-related scheme to have the ISO certificate. Hire our consultants for ISO 9001 certification for medical clinic / hospital / healthcare organizations in Philippines.

 Control environmental impacts with ISO certifications

Healthcare providers, hospitals and pharmaceutical companies have to provide their services without affecting the environment. Laboratory work, antibiotic usage, water, and energy usage, and use of chemicals can cause waste production.

A perfect EMS system helps in controlling the environmental effects of your everyday business activities. To achieve the ISO 14001 certification for medical clinics, you have to implement and manage your EMS system. Our consultants will help you to fill potential gaps and enable you to get the ISO 9001 certification for your hospital and healthcare organization.

 ISO 45001 certification– Ensure the best occupational health & safety for your staffs and other stakeholders

A healthcare center has to focus not only on the health of patients but also on making sure that health and safety of the staff, visitors, patients and other stakeholders is properly managed. Thus, make your business certified and reliable by implementing an Occupational Health & Safety Management System. An ISO 45001 certification for healthcare organizations in Philippines is the best standard to create a safe and clean hospital environment that reduces incidents, accidents and ensure effective risk management with proper emergency preparedness planning. Effective steps will prevent accidents in your facility.

 Information security management- Certify your business

Nowadays, most of the clinics and nursing homes store data on a digital platform. You have to keep up the security of your patients’ data and other relevant medical information. Thus, it is essential to implement reliable IT systems for storing medical-related data.

To get this ISO 27001 (Information Security Management System) certification, you have to

  • Review your information assets
  • Mitigate risks of your business data
  • Comply with legal rules

We are the best team of consultants to have ISO certification for health care service providers in Philippines. Our consultants will let you know the certification steps to simplify the process and work very closely with your team to implement a world class ISO management system to help you enhance your quality, occupational health and safety, environment management compliance.

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On behalf of Sky Tactic Aero Philippines, Inc., I would like to extend our deepest appreciation to you and to Ms. Asuncion on helping our team to accomplish our ISO 9001:2015 Certification in a short period of time.

We are truly grateful on your patience and guidance, and for sharing with us your expertise towards this endeavor. Our experienced in this ISO journey is truly amazing and our teamwork and collaboration proves that, we as a team can do more better. We know that ISO is a continuous process and, as we are now certified, our team is dedicated to adhere on those standards set to us.

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