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GOST is the Russian government’s standard for certifying the quality of products and services. GOST is an abbreviation for “Gosudarstvenny Standards of Quality” and was created in 1996 in Russia. As a standard, GOST Certification is an internationally recognized quality assurance certification for products. The goal of GOST standards is to provide consumers with the safety and quality that they need for everyday life. GOST standards help ensure the quality and safety of consumer products, including medical devices. The standards also help facilitate trade between European Union (EU) member states, Russia, and countries in Asia.

GOST standards are used by businesses and consumers in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan. When buying products or services in these countries, it is important to make sure that they were certified. If a product or service has not been GOST-certified that means they are not approved by the government officials.

In order to have a product certified by GOST, it must be tested in accordance with GOST procedures and meet the standards set by this standard. Organizations that are marketing products to GOST adopted countries should have a certificate from the National Standardization Committee to ensure that they meet their customers’ requirements.

GOST R certification is an indicator of quality and reliability of goods. When consumers use products with GOST R certificates, they know that the product has been tested and meets the required quality standards. The certificate also provides the manufacturer with maximum legal protection against damage or injury caused to people and makes it easier for manufacturers to sell their goods.  The document can be found on www.gost.ru, which is an official website that provides information about the GOST certificate system. GOST R was developed in the Soviet Union to ensure quality and reliability of products manufactured throughout the country. GOST regulations are based on the standards of ISO 226:1997 and Gosstandart.

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