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GDP is Good Distribution Purpose – a certification that drug companies must get before being able to distribute prescription drugs. This standard helps the company that manages the distribution of pharmaceutical products for human use and maintains product safety and quality during distribution. The company only provides services to companies that produce drugs/medicines for human use.  It also helps to reduce counterfeiting and other problems that can occur with prescription drugs.

Good Distribution Purpose Organizations are organizations that purchase, receive, store and export drugs/medicines for human use. For example, a pharmaceutical company would be an example of an organization that might apply for GDP certification. In order to be able to apply, the organization must have a good distribution and protect against counterfeit drugs. GDP certified organizations are required to submit an annual report on the distribution of drugs/medicines.

Benefits of implementing GDP:

When a company implements GDP, it can improve the way they’re doing business. The benefits of implementing GDP are wide-reaching, as it provides a system for warehouse distribution and quality control. In addition to this, the pharmaceutical products that are distributed through the system are standardized and effectively improved. Quality of product is also maintained by following strict guidelines on storage and handling. With such a system in place, there is no need for ad hoc distribution which can result in product safety risks for the customer. Finally, customer satisfaction is improved by following clear guidelines on how long a product will be available at a given location.

Guidelines for distribution of medicinal products include:

This part of the guidelines for distribution of medicinal products includes a checklist for everything needed to be done in order to operate a pharmacy. It includes procedures, record keeping, premises and equipment, receipt, storage, deliveries to customers, returns of non-defective medicinal products, and an emergency plan and recalls, Counterfeit medicinal products, special provisions concerning products classified as not for sale, Self-inspections and provision of information to member states in relation to wholesale activity.

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