Cost of ISO 9001 certification in the Philippines

Most of the small & medium size organizations / enterprises – SMEs in the Philippines are always thinking about being more competitive by implementing ISO 9001:2015 standards and getting ISO certified. However the high cost of ISO certification in Philippines is discoursing them to start the ISO 9001 implementation process and move further. We have been working tirelessly to make ISO certification more affordable to companies in Manila and Cebu.


The reason why most of the aspiring companies in the Philippines including Manila and Cebu can not get ISO certified is because the total cost of ISO certification charged by the most service providers in the Philippines goes in hundreds of thousands of pesos. A typical quote you may receive from other ISO consulting companies in Manila or other ISO consultants in Cebu may be around 200,000 ++ peso or more for consulting, around 200,000  ++ peso or more for certification and about 50,000 ++ peso for training your employees as internal auditors.

Actual cost of ISO certification for companies in the Philippines can be XX,XXX peso and not XXX,XXX ++  peso as quoted by rest of the service providers.

This is a really big amount of money. To work in the direction suggested by the honorable president of the Philippines to implement quality management across the country and improve competitiveness & productivity of the companies in the Philippines, Sterling International Consulting has developed a unique approach to ISO certification for small, big, private and government companies in the Philippines. This unique approach which is backed with a propriety software called as MyEasyISO helps companies reduce the total cost of ISO implementation by a remarkable amount. Cost of ISO implementation in Philippines with us will be XX,XXX pesos and not XXX,XXX pesos as charged by other companies while delivering you the best quality service, professional implementation and services delivered by the most experienced ISO consultants from our team. You get more value for your money when you execute your ISO consulting and ISO certification with us. This makes ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001 certification within the reach of all the aspiring companies in the country.

We make ISO implementation and ISO certification for all the companies in the Philippines affordable, achievable and within reach to help our great country become more competitive, enhance our GDP and partner the economic growth of the Philippines.

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