Cost of ISO 9001 certification in Philippines – ISO certification for small medium size companies

One of the most important questions organization need to answer before start of any ISO 9001 implementation or certification project is “What is the cost of ISO 9001 certification?” or “How much does it cost to get ISO 9001 certification? or “How much do I need to spend for ISO certification?”

The total cost for ISO 9001:2015 QMS implementation and certification in the Philippines involves various price components as below:

  • Training the staff
  • Gap assessment
  • Documentation
  • Implementation
  • Internal auditor training
  • Conduct of internal audit
  • Pre-assessment audit
  • Certification audit
  • Yearly surveillance audits
  • Any additional resources/infrastructure if required
  • Travel and accommodation of the consultant/trainer / auditor if required

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Organizations have an option to either implement the entire management system by themselves by creating an internal project team or hiring an expert ISO Consultant to assist the core team with implementation.

In case an organization wants to implement everything on their own, the process may take more time, might go through several ups and down and might not get desired results in the event of inadequate competence within the team. Implementing a QMS by self may prove to be more costly than hiring services of a consultant.

So, the best option is to hire the services of an expert consulting companies like Sterling International Consulting and realize the true benefits of ISO 9001 implementation and value additions.

Given below is the typical cost for ISO 9001 certification project for a small company in the Philippines as charged by most of the service providers/ISO consultants/ISO certification bodies.

Service Cost in US $ Cost in Philippines Peso – Php
Awareness Training – 1 day


1,000 US $ 50,000 Peso
Gap Assessment, Documentation & Implementation Consultancy


5,000 US $ 250,000 Peso
Internal Audit


1,000 US $ 50,000 Peso
Certification Audit and issuance of ISO 9001 certificate


4,000 US $ 200,000 Peso
Total cost for ISO 9001 consulting, implementation and certification charged by other ISO companies in the Philippines


11,000 US $ 550,000 Peso

However, Sterling International Consulting – Philippines felt that the ISO 9001 consulting cost and ISO 9001 certification charges as mentioned above and charged by most of the existing ISO consulting and ISO Certification companies & service providers in the Philippines are beyond the reach of most of the small companies and becomes really expensive for them.

Such high and unaffordable prices of ISO Certification in the Philippines may also impact the economic growth of the country adversely. To address the increasing needs of the Small and mid-size companies in the Philippines, Sterling International Consulting offers much more cost-effective ISO 9001 certification services for companies in Manila, Cebu, Davao and other provinces of the Philippines. Our cost of ISO certification is the lowest in the Philippines and companies of all sizes can afford it. No other company can offer as low cost for ISO consulting and ISO certification as offered by us. In the event of any company offering a lower cost than us for comparable services, we offer a no question asked 20% discount on the lowest price you show us. We are that confident in our pricing structure.

As a part of our CSR – Corporate Social Responsibility, Sterling International Consulting Philippines offers a programme called as “My Company → My Pride: My Company → Philippine’s Pride”. Any small and medium size company who qualifies under this programme gets up to 75% discount in the total price and cost of ISO 9001 certification and consulting services. The objectives of this promotion and discount is to encourage SMEs – Small & Medium Enterprises in the Philippines to implement a world class quality management system , become more competitive, enhance productivity, increase efficiencies, get higher market share, improve reputation and enhance customer satisfaction while getting more business domestically and internationally.

Any Small and medium organization in the Philippines having up to 25 employees are eligible to participate in this scheme and start a journey towards newer heights of growth for the company fueled by higher profitability.

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