CE Certification – Get product  type approval in Philippines

Are you going to sell or export a new product in the European market? Do you want to import some product into Philippines?  It may be an electrical product, electronic device, home appliance, industrial equipment, medical device, machine, or cosmetic product. As you have manufactured a new product, you need an approval to make it available to others and ensure safety. CE Certification in Philippines is the right option to achieve this goal. If you want your products to be approved by regulatory body in the Philippines, contact us.

We are a team of consultants helping you with product approval in Philippines. Our professionals will simplify the task for you, and enable you to receive the certification without hassles. With CE Certification in Philippines, you can prove your product’s conformity with environmental, health, and safety standards.

CE Marking is one of the internationally recognized identities for products, following the European directives and regulations. By having product approval in Philippines, you can sell your product in the market without any question of safety and quality. Moreover, CE Marking enables you to make sales in global markets. It ensures that your product is flawless and safe for consumption. Most of the manufacturers think of exporting their products to a different country. That is why they have to choose CE Marking for import-export product registration in Philippines.

CE Marking- A few notable features

  • The minimum size of CE Marking is 5mm. While enlarged, it needs to maintain proportions.
  • When you cannot affix CE Marking on your product for aesthetics, you may apply it to the product packaging and corresponding documents.
  • The manufacturer is liable to claim that CE Marking certified product is approved.
  • The manufacturer should sign the Document of Conformity.

CE compliance holds the company or a person (manufacturer, distributor, importer, and retailer) responsible for placing a particular product on the market. Importers, taking on the manufacturer’s responsibilities, have to make sure that the product is compliant with the latest CE marking requirements.

Thus, for regulatory product approval and registration with CE Marking, you can consult with our professionals in Philippines.

CE Marking- Benefits you get from import-export product registration in Philippines

  • You can export your product not only to EEA but also to other countries.
  • Your organization has a chance to get a higher profit.
  • As your products comply with safety standards, you can increase your customer confidence.
  • Find a higher brand value by selling products with CE Marking

To get CE Marking for product approval in Philippines, you can hire our consultants.

How will you get CE Certification in Philippines?


Our consultants will give you the best professional instructions to remove your worries.


  • Know the standards and directives related to your products-

Your products have to fulfill some requirements at EU level. As we know those EU directives, we can help you in identifying technical terms.


  • Verify the requirements applicable to your products

Manufacturers have to ensure compliance of their products with the current EU requirements.  By providing information of the certified components, assumptions, and design, you can demonstrate conformance.


  • Identify the need for conformity assessments

In some cases, you have to engage a third party for CE Marking. The Notified Body may give directives for products, like medical devices and machinery.


  • Check the conformity by testing the product

Testing is the best option for conforming to the requirements. It is important to go through a risk assessment process. Based on the result of the assessment, it is easy to make out the technical evidence. However, without evidence, Declaration of Conformity may not be acceptable.


  • Keep your technical details ready

Depending on directives, you need to include information in your Technical File. For instance, the file must have-

  • Your product photos
  • Technical description
  • Design calculation results
  • Test reports
  • Labelling and marking information


CE compliance isn’t a one-time event. Manufacturers have to check out their products continuously to make sure that any modification has not caused the issue of non-compliance. According to EU regulations, your product has to adhere to the latest standards and directives.

We know that regulatory product approval and registration is one of the complicated processes manufacturers. As you do not understand technicalities for product approval in Philippines, our consultants are there to help you. Moreover, we will assist you to calculate the cost to obtain CE Marking for your products.

CE certification or import / export product type approval from regulatory bodies in the Philippines can be achieved by sending an email to product type approval consultants at info@iso-certification.ph or a call at +63 977 815 1204