AS 9120 Certification in Philippines

Get AS 9120 Certification to Become a Qualified Aerospace Manufacturing Company

A lot of industries manage their quality assurance and certification scheme with AS 9120. The Aerospace Manufacturing Company needs to follow the standards set by AS9120. AS9120 is an aerospace management standard, and it pertains to requirements for aerospace products and services, including materials, product testing methods, documentation requirements, qualification and certification of sources along with other aspects of manufacturing. We are the best team to assist you with AS 9120 implementation in Philippines.

What is AS 9120 Certification?

AS 9120 is the internationally-recognized quality management system for the aerospace manufacturing industry. The certification process starts by identifying areas where a company needs improvement, then creating a plan to address those issues. Once that is completed, an auditor will assess all the work done and give their feedback. Once the auditor approves, AS9120 certification will be granted.

How to get AS 9120 Certification?

There are a few different ways that you can get AS9120 certification. You can either take a series of courses and exams, or use a company that provides third-party assessment of your compliance with the standards. If you have the resources to invest in one or the other, it is always best to go for the course and exams because they provide more in-depth knowledge about your requirements.

Benefits of AS9120 Certification

AS9120 is a certification standard for all types of aerospace manufacturers. The goal of AS9120 is to establish a set of quality requirements that all aerospace manufacturers must meet in order to provide aerospace products and services with the highest level of safety, reliability, maintainability and operational performance. The benefits of this certification are global acceptance and peace-of-mind knowing your company meets the most stringent quality standards set by the industry.

The other benefit of AS 9120 compliance is a reduction in variability which increases customer satisfaction. There are well defined and documented procedures which improve the consistency of output at all times. Quality is constantly measured and when defects or non-conformance are found corrective action will be taken immediately. Procedures also provide for continuous improvement by reviewing the processes to see how they can be improved or where changes might be needed

Key Requirements for Aerospace Manufacturing Companies to meet the standard of AS9120:2016

AS9120 is the most popular standard for aerospace companies. To get AS9120 certification, you must meet all of the requirements, which includes being a vertically integrated company and exceeding quality standards. One of the other requirements is having an in-house audit system.

The AS 9120:2016 standard is concerned with the design, development, production and installation of products. It is also a requirement that manufacturers are aware of their contribution to compliance and product safety. To meet compliance, manufacturers control product obsolescence and prevention of counterfeit parts. Product identification and traceability are requirements as well as consideration for human factors when Non-conformance is involved.

Steps to Follow when Looking to Get AS 9120 Certified

To become a qualified aerospace manufacturing company, you will need to follow the following steps:

  • Research AS 9120 and how it applies in your industry
  • Identify gaps and improvements in your current quality system
  • Seek out qualified assistance for information on how to make necessary changes
  • Submit completed application to the FAA
  • Once approved, execute on plan of action.

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