AS 9100 Certification in Philippines

Every manufacturing company knows the importance of getting AS 9100 certification. In order to provide your customers with a safe product, you need to have your processes and plants certified. But what is AS 9100 certification? What are all the process for getting it and benefits? Our consultants will help you at every step of the AS 9100 certification process.

What is AS 9100 certification

AS 9100 certification is the leading aerospace quality management system. It applies to organizations of all sizes and to both service and product manufacturers, as well as to subcontractors. AS 9100 sets a framework for achieving customer satisfaction by establishing uniform requirements for quality management systems and for implementing them in an effective manner.

How to get AS 9100 certification

AS 9100 is a Quality Management Standard for the Aerospace Industry. It’s an internationally recognized standard from the U.S. and EU. AS9100 certification is an indication of an organization’s commitment to quality, safety, and continual improvement in order to deliver products that satisfy customer and regulatory requirements.

Requirements of AS 9100 certification

To get AS 9100 certification, all that is required is to be audited by an accredited auditor. The international standards for the design and manufacturing of aerospace products are very high and difficult to obtain. So, if you want your company’s products to be used in the production of aviation equipment or aircraft, then it’s best to comply with these standards.

Benefits of AS 9100 certification

AS 9100 certification is a standard of quality management used to achieve continual improvement and excellence in the design, development and manufacture of products. It is also a requirement for many government contracts.

Steps for AS 9100 implementation

AS 9100 is a quality management system (QMS) standard for the aerospace and defense industry. The standard was published by The Aerospace Quality Group, an organization established under the umbrella of the American Society for Quality AIAA, Inc. AS 9100 is applicable to any organization that provides products or services to this industry.

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